Grow Content and Change Menus!

Growing your website is so easy! Using our simple to use PAGE EDITOR (just like editing documents in Microsoft WORD®), Staff /Administrators can create simple web pages without having to know HTML.

Once pages are created, its then very easy to add them to an existing menu, or use the Menu Administration system to create a new menu item.

Navigation Menu Manager

All navigation menus can be changed. You may add or remove links from the menus.

manage your site menus


Its Easy to Edit Menu Links

Each menu item has its own settings so that you decide what page this to link to, if it is a main link or sub-menu item.

To add a content page, simple use the Link Drop Down which will list all the content pages you have created or that are available!

You can also decide who is to see this menu item - if this is MEMBERS only, then only Members will see this menu item listed in the menu!

add a menu item

See an example neighborhood website