Sponsor Your Neighborhood's Website and Become the Dominant Agent

neighborhood website home pageA Non Stop Neighbors neighborhood website is an interactive website just for the residents and homeowners in your neighborhood farm area! It's actually their website! But ... You are the Sponsor!

A Neighborhood Web Site is an innovative way to use the Internet to provide a really great service to the home owners. Because its private, they can easily get involved, add content and make contributions - and you gain permission to contact them with automated newsletters and updates, not to mention you overall position as the 'sponsor' of the site!

Automatically stay in contact with your farm area and make sure people remember YOUR name.

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Our Private, Automated Neighborhood web sites help you to create brand awareness and dominate your target farm areas by sponsoring and being associated with a highly-valued, high quality Neighborhood web site resource!

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This is the Non Stop Neighbors difference: Your sponsorship of a service for Residents can give you a return on investment by providing you with a highly effective e-farming tool. This is possible because of the main benefits provided by our solution:

  1. Our web sites are PRIVATE (password protected), so residents have to register, which means you immediately build your e-farm email list.

  2. Registration means we can now AUTOMATE the process of permission-based communication and update to members. This solves one of the biggest problems of community web sites, namely how to get members to return and use it! As a Sponsor, this is not only critical to ensure use of the site, but this also automatically and regularly places your name in front of all residents.

  3. NonStopNeighbors solutions provide an INTERACTIVE resource (no delayed reactions here!) focused on the needs of residents and members, so there is a compelling reason for residents to immediately register, and the sites are then used, helping you to achieve your goals.

  4. PRIVACY allows for members to instantly interact with the site - moderation of members content ceases to be a concern as all interaction has a visible audit trail ensuring good neighborly interactions!
Essentials Site
Connecting Site
Connecting PLUS
Premium Site
Entry Level Neighborhood website. Includes all the basics to Build Relationships and support residents with their own online community web site.
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The basic neighborhood web site for Real Estate Agents, with a comprehensive system for presenting real estate listings, news and generating leads.
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Includes Automated permission-based marketing using the automatic Digest newsletter. Automatically brings members back!

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Make money from your Neighborhood site by selling advertising and other promotional opportunities.

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Get a FAST START with our localization services and on-going Virtual Assistant support.

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The aim of our Neighborhood Web Sites is to help Realtors, Mortgage or other Service professionals, build relationships.

The aim of our 5 Neighborhood Web Site packages is to help you with an appropriate solution to meet your neighborhood and community needs.

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