Five Neighborhood Website Solutions

The aim of our 5 Neighborhood Web Site packages is to help you with an appropriate solution to meet your neighborhood and community needs.

Our pricing is simple - no complicated extra fees. Just pick the package you need for a straightforward price. You can always upgrade or downgrade your service if you need to.

Entry Level Neighborhood website. Includes all the basics to Build Relationships and support residents with their own online community web site.
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The basic neighborhood web site for Real Estate Agents, with a comprehensive system for presenting real estate listings, news and generating leads.
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Includes Automated permission-based marketing using the automatic Digest newsletter.
Automatically brings members back!
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Make money from your Neighborhood site by selling advertising and other promotional opportunities.

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Get a FAST START with our localization services and on-going Virtual Assistant support.

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Essentials Site
Connecting Site
Connecting PLUS
Premium Site

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