Our FAST-START Pack Builds Your Site's Content For You!

Our Neighborhood Web sites are flexible, ready to use tools - but they do require some initial effort from the sponsor to add-in local information, links, documents, news and other community content.

Communities responds much more favorably to Community Web sites that contain personalized, community specific information. It gives residents a sense of "connectedness" -- to each other, the sponsor, and the community).

Our FAST-START pack service is a one-time service of up to 4 hours professional Virtual Assistant Services.
A Virtual Assistant will consult with you and rapidly develop for you the content you need for your site to launch.
With FAST-START pack, your Neighborhood Website will help you build more connections, more quickly.

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Fast Start Pack Services

This one-time service is defined as follows:

Total time allocated for these tasks: 3-4 hours.