Automate Your Real Estate Marketing for a Return on your Investment

The aim of the auto Digest is to solve one of the biggest challenges of any neighborhood website, which is how to make the use of the site more habitual, so that you can get a maximum ROI (Return on your Investment)!

The auto Digest solves this problem by constantly reminding people about what is happening in their community website and giving them the links to come back in and participate.

Fully Automated!

This fully automated email will update all Registered members of your site on all recent additions and activities (all areas of the site such as "News", Uploads, Photos, Forums, Classifieds, etc).

Control Frequency

The Digest email will be sent out automatically, on a regular basis (weekly, monthly etc) - there is nothing you need to do to ensure they are sent!

NOTE: we still encourage all our clients to send out regular email newsletters to resident members. The auto Digest is not a replacement for good, valuable and appropriate local news!

digestWhats in it?

Auto generated Digest newsletter will contain brief descriptions of, and hot-links to all recent additions across all your Neighborhood website areas, including:

Click here to see Examples of the auto Digest email.