Neighborhood Website Highlights

Packed with high-value interactive features for Residents, its bound to be a success for you.

Every Neighborhood website s built using the very latest in collaborative intranet website technologies.
All areas of the website can be configured and changed to meet your needs - all through our easy to use Staff administration area.

Neighborhood Website home page

A typical neighborhood website home page.
Nearly all aspects of this home page can be changed!

Real Estate Module

A comprehensive Real Estate Module allows you to upload and showcase your local listings, provide a sales history report to the neighborhood and also to link to your preferred Home Search Service (e.g. your IDX service) as well as various external news services!

Generate Leads

The Real Estate module has CMA and home buyers "Dream Home" forms that allow you to capture and respond to the interest of local residents.

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Sell Advertising

Get a Return on Your Investment !

The Automatic Digest solves one of the biggest challenges of any neighborhood website, which is how to make the use of the site more habitual.

Fully Automated!

Make Your Neighborhood Site Distinctive

Display News and Articles

Flexible, Configurable Website & Menu

The website menu is simple to configure if needed, and can be easily changed by Staff (the administrator).

The menu can grow to include links to internal pages and applications as well as links to any other web page. If needed, the menu can also support another level of pop-out sub-menus that add more flexibility to your menu design.

Public and Private menus

It is possible to create specific menus that are shown for the general public, or shown just for logged-in Members.

Take POLLS and Surveys

Staff can quickly set up any number of Polls and Surveys to take the pulse of the local neighborhood!

At any time, you may have multiple POLLS running!

Polls can ONLY be voted on by the members! Every members vote is counted audited which makes the POLLS a great tool for making decisions as well.

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