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Connecting Neighbors - Frequently Asked Questions

Migrating from Connecting Neighbors

Connecting Neighbors

Can I keep my Connecting Neighbors Domain name

If you wish to use the same website domain name then you can, but this will need to be transferred from Connecting Neighbors TO you.
We will coordinate this.

You will need to pay the fee of $195 - we simply pass this fee to Connecting Neighbors so they will release the domain name.

Any remaining period of registration WILL be transferred along with the domain name.
HOWEVER! We strongly recommend that once you have the domain name in your account you contact GoDaddy to get additional years added on on to the domain name registration period to ensure it is yours for the forseeable future!

When the domain name is released by Connecting Neighbors, we will first update the DNS technical settings for you.
We will then transfer the domain name to you. You will need an account with a domain name registrar such as GoDaddy.

If you wish you can use a totally new domain name - but bear in mind that domain names have great value for SEO when they have been in use for several years. Plus, your domain name is how your audience connects to you.

Our advice is to pay the fee and get your domain name!

How do I get my existing subscribers / contacts into my new website?

You should FIRST contact Connecting Neighbors and ask them to provide an EXPORT file of all your subscribers.
THEN - you will send this to us and we will import these for you.

Is there a monthly newsletter sent out to my subscribers?

We will be starting a monthly newsletter service to go to your subscribers - for all accounts APART FROM THE "ESSENTIALS SITE". This service will start no later than end of October 2015.

The site has public and private areas - but I can I make all content "public"?

Using the ADMIN system you have complete control over access to pages and content.

Is it easy for me to change content in the site?

We have a simple to use ADMIN panel.
Honestly - if you can use Microsoft WORD to create and format a document - then you will have no problem working with your Non Stop Neighbors website.

Whats the difference between Connecting Neighbors and Non Stop Neighbors websites?

Although our services seem similar, there are of course differences in the way our system presents information.
In addition, with Non Stop Neighbors, it is possible to create private areas for residents.

How big or small can the menu be?

The menu can be shrunk or added to as you need.

How do I integrate Listings and Home Search to my new website?

The ADMIN menu has a real estate section where you can configure your listings and real estate search settings

See this page for a description of all the Real Estate capabilities

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