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Our Neighborhood Website system is a Marketing Tool
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As the leading provider of interactive and private Neighborhood web sites and relationship-building marketing programs, NonStopNeighbors can position you as the neighborhood expert by helping you better build relationships with home owners!

Our solution has been shown time and again to help our sponsoring clients stand out from the crowd. Here's how:

Our real estate marketing system gives you the ability to promote listings and offer residents a knowledgeable insight into the local real estate market, helping you to generate sales leads.

Our private, automated neighborhood web sites help you to create brand awareness and dominate your market.

For Home Owner Associations, HOA and Other Associations:

Your neighborhood's INTRA-NET! A private and interactive Intra-net that will help you communicate, share information and build your community. HOAs can easily communicate using form-driven newsletters, news and your HOA Document Library where you can store and allow download of any type of document. Interactive application areas like forums and classified ads, give your residents tremendous value. And there are no limits to the numbers of users - your neighborhood Web site can grown along side your community.

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Neighborhood Web sites Help Build Relationships

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NonStopNeighbors Client Members!

Our member clients include Real Estate Agents, Mortgage and Finance Professionals, and others, who understand the benefits of sponsoring a comprehensive neighborhood Web site for their communities. By providing a private and interactive Web site for the residents of a neighborhood, contacts are made, along with a return on your investment.

A NonStopNeighbors site gives community residents more than ten different resources and tools to use online. Sponsorship of a NonStopNeighbors site gives a local professional (e.g. realtor or mortgage specialist) an easy way to establish name recognition and credibility in their target neighborhood.


"Working with a a group of highly skilled people who put your business interest above all things is a very rare thing. BLUE FIRE GROUP is such a company. In today's highly competitive real estate market, the BLUE FIRE GROUP is finding me innovative ways to stand out from the competition while creating value and lowering my farming costs."
Dean Brooks
Real Estate Consultant
Member of NonStopNeighbors Community


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