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Build Relationships by adding Value to Residents!

A listing Agent's traditional approach to Farming through advertising and brochure drops typically involves huge amounts of work, can be very expensive, takes too long and often delivers only limited returns.
The Aim of all this activity? To build relationships with residents.


So, how can you use the Internet to affordably and efficiently build relationships and attract sellers?

Clearly a real-estate-sales oriented Website is not the best approach.

We have found that the Internet can be used to build relationships very effectively and with a dramatically lower cost and less effort than traditional marketing.



How do you build long-term Relationships?

Building relationships using the Internet has to be done on the basis of adding value. By providing value through a Website, you will be able to successfully build relationships with Residents of your target neighborhoods.

Our experience comes collectively from industry where over the last 7 years, we discovered a model for extraordinary success. By being the sponsor of a high-value Website to a group of people with a common interest (e.g. Residents), the Sponsor of the resource can benefit significantly from name recognition, credibility and ultimately increased sales from within that target group.

We are applying that experience to solve the problems faced by Agents that want to Farm neighborhoods.

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